Monday, April 16, 2012

Openwave, ?Inventors Of The Mobile Internet?, Sells Software Biz To Focus On Patents

OpenwaveMobile messaging, in its traditional sense, is on the decline, and the patent world is hot, hot, hot, and today one company that plays in both areas showed where it sees its stronger ties at the moment. Openwave, which calls itself the "inventor of the mobile internet" for the early role it played in developing mobile data technology, today announced it was selling its core software business -- messaging and mediation operations -- and will instead concentrate on its patent holdings in smart devices, cloud technology and unified messaging. Marlin Equity Partners is buying the two businesses for an undisclosed sum, and says it will continue to operate and invest in the businesses, which will be called Openwave Messaging and Openwave Mobility. That transaction is expected to close this month. Openwave, meanwhile, will rebrand as Unwired Planet, "a name that recalls the company?s rich heritage of innovation," it said. It will focus on intellectual property -- specifically in the form of 200 issued U.S. and foreign patents and 75 further patent applications, "many of which are considered foundational to mobile communications."



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